I am a great believer of distributed leadership. No matter the context, position, or stage in life, each individual can be a leader.

However, in order to be a leader and carry out the role effectively, it is important to develop certain key skills that need to become part of you as an individual.

It is therefore that, during leadership sessions, I focus on helping individuals with the development of their needed skills. The setting in which this happens may differ greatly from large groups, to more intimate and smaller ones, or to one-on-one environments.

During each session it is important for each participant to be open to improvement, different backgrounds and cultures, sharing opinions, feedback, diversity, networking, and team work. Eventually, participants will get familiar with concepts like systems thinking, mental models, group dynamics, self mastery, and different team roles.

The familiarisation that happens during the sessions is achieved with the aid of different tools, tasks and activities. One example is the Natural Disaster Game, which was developed by me. The latter is an intense and collaborative activity that clarifies the dynamics within a group and the kind of characteristics and treats an individual has during moments of pressure. A learning process by doing.

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