MSc Projects

  1. High-quality reuse of materials in the building sector (working title) - Thijs Noordhoek (ongoing)

  2. Columns made out of glass bottles (working title) - Younes Maachi (ongoing)

  3. Stimulation of reust of concrete structural elements in practice (working title) - Janna Beukers (ongoing)

  4. Reuse of windturbines (working title) - Simon Pronk (ongoing)

  5. The impact of design choices for fire resilient, circular,large timber buildings (working title) - Siri Qvist (ongoing)

  6. On the Structural Applicability of Engineered Wood Products in Dutch High Rise Towers (working title) - Pim Mol (ongoing)

  7. Flood Proofing Buildings (working title) - Boris Spiering (ongoing)

  8. Understanding thermal comfort and heating energy use in Dutch dwellings: Analysis of smart meter data, indoor climate and comfort in 78 Dutch dwellings - Anastasia Petropoulou (2021)

  9. Preliminary guidelines on the design of cable-net stabilized high-rise towers - Alexandru Onitiu (2021)

  10. Circularity in the structural design - Sophie Kuijpers (2021)

  11. Assessment of the reuse potential of existing concrete - Bente Kamp (2021)

  12. Living Trees as Structural Elements for Vertical Forst Engineering - Tessa Lievestro (2020)

BSc Projects

  1. Fracture propagation using lattice models (English) - Isa Ritfeld

  2. Mechanical equations for porous construction elements (English) - Nils van Rooij (finished 2021)

  3. Knikcapaciteit van een kolom met een honingraatstructuur (Dutch)- Sean Tuinstra (finished 2020)

  4. Bepaling knikcapaciteit van een kolom met interne poreuze structuren (Dutch) - Daan ter Meulen (finished 2020)